When you meet someone, your presentation is a lot of how they make their opinion of you. They say “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” That being said, it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to have a good handshake. I know girls aren’t supposed to be rough and therefore you’re not supposed to squeeze their hands too hard. But when a woman gives a “dead fish” or doesn’t even give you her whole hand to shake, that really grinds my gears. I know I can be kind of masculine sometimes — I love guns, knives, cars, all that kinda stuff — and I like to give a good quality handshake. I don’t aim to break someone’s hand or anything — which is also bad etiquette — but a firm handshake shows respect, in my opinion. The webbing between the thumb and the index finger should meet that of the other person, and adequate pressure should be used so that they know you’re at least mentally present in meeting them.

You wanna know what I feel when someone gives me a “dead fish”? It makes me wanna vomit, to be honest. It’s almost like the feeling of that limpness stays in my hand, like there’s some kind of slime on my hand and I feel like I need to go wash my hands and scrub them with a Brillo pad. It makes me think that you’re a little b**** who isn’t strong enough to do much in life. Sure, women can be super strong emotionally. I obviously know that firsthand, being a woman and everything. But if a woman can’t give a good handshake when meeting someone, in my opinion she should just go sit down in the corner with the kiddies and be seen and not heard. Honestly I feel like it’s a lack of respect.

It also looks HORRIBLE when you’re in a job interview and you give your prospective boss a “dead fish”. I’ve heard that it makes bosses not want to hire you right off the bat, so I’m sure after that they’re daydreaming about what they want to have for lunch or dinner or what they’re going to do later while you go on about yourself. A good handshake = respect and strength.

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