Writer’s Block

I know my description says rants AND creaitivity, but I can’t deny that, most of the time, I have writer’s block.

I look up writing prompts online and begin another scene, I reread things I’ve already written, I come up with a way to connect one unfinished scene with another I’ve written, but it seems like I always get stuck.

I’m not really sure how to remedy this. I want so badly to write, to create, to feel productive, but most of the times the words just won’t form. They won’t connect. I have a flash of inspiration and as soon as I sit down to write, the inspiration is gone.

I wish I had a way to remedy this and give you all more creativity instead of just random thoughts.

What A Woman Wants

A woman wants to know that she is worth fighting for. When she bounces between one man to another, she is trying to find the man that sees her as precious. That sees her as something he must make his and his alone. That wants to break down every barrier there is between them so he can have and hold her and see her happy because he does not want any other woman. She wants to know, not only that she is his, but that he is hers through and through, and no one is ever a threat to her.

The novel Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge really hit me. It made me realize what it is I’ve been searching for.

But it also made me realize that there aren’t very many men in this world who can or is willing to meet those goals anymore.

I need more friends.

I’m way too into my relationship with my boyfriend, especially given our situation. There are things I think he deserves  things that I don’t necessarily want and denying him those things isn’t fair on my part. But I am so in love with him. Maybe I need to distance myself from this man so he can find someone who is everything he wants, not just most things. He is everything I want and a couple of things I don’t want, and that’s what we’ve been fighting about.

Maybe I just don’t give him enough time away from me to allow him to see if it is really me he wants?

Has anyone else been through this before? What did you do to go make new friends? My finances are severely limited while I save up to move, or I would go to a dance club in town and make a fool of myself.

There isn’t much in this town that I haven’t explored already, but I suppose people watching is always something new.


What’s a girl supposed to do when she feels like she’s more into her relationship than her man is?

I have a Plan!

Budget prepared and payments ( including payments to savings) scheduled through May 2015. 90% sure my credit rating will reach Excellent by the end of February, and 100% sure it will reach Excellent by the end of March.

440 to the credit union for my car.


200 or 250 (depending on month) to another credit union for my student loan

150 ( 75 per paycheck) goes to tithe ( to the church, because without God’s blessings I would not have the nice things I have)

100 for my credit card ( food, gas, and splurging)

And 200 or 250 (depending on month) to savings.

I also have tax return coming up, and in May it works out that I will have an “extra” paycheck that I can choose to do what I want with, and it is most likely going to go to savings so I can move away from El Paso in late Oct/ early Nov!


Sometimes you just have to hug your dog and it’s the only thing that will make you feel better. Yeah, they might find it annoying. But they also know when you need comfort. Dogs are so loyal and they will never do you wrong if you just love them.