No Time!!!

So I used to be able to blog at work because I didn’t do much during the day and I was being paid to just sit there and now I actually have things to do during the day. So I’m happy about that, because the time goes by faster, but it also sucks because I miss being creative and writing!

I almost have an office of my own now, all that we’re waiting on is the furniture after I cleaned out all the junk and excess machines that were in the room, and they cleaned it up and repainted it for me! I’m really excited about it, I’ve already purchased a painting to put on the wall (reimbursed by the company) and I have several things planned to put on my desk so far. I’m just hoping it will really feel like My office soon enough.

I bought underglow for my car! She’s world rally blue, (Go Subaru!!) and I bought green underglow because in Texas, as well as I’m sure countless other states, blue underglow is illegal and so are white and red. But green!!! I’m actually thinking of repainting her green after a few years anyway so it will be perfect! And I bought an eyebrow-style decal for the windshield that says her name, The Khaleesi. Next will hopefully be a performance air filter and then, with lots of money saved up, new performance pipes to really make her growl. Wish me luck!


I haven’t blogged in MONTHS….. but I just added the app so I can blog more, hopefully!!!

So I bought a New car!!! She’s a Subaru BRZ and I named her The Khaleesi!