High at Work

So while I sit here at work waiting for Wine or Beer Salesmen to call me, I like to try to keep my mind occupied. That leaves me open to thinking the most random thoughts. The thought currently running through my head is why teenagers (and scores of other people, I’m sure, but mostly teenagers) get high off mundane items. This thought entered my head because they’re painting in the break room at work, which is the room directly next to my office. Which means my office shares the vents with the break room. Lots of doors are open in the break room so the fumes don’t build up in the building, but the scent of paint is still pretty strong, especially the longer I sit here. I’m getting a headache from the smell, actually.

So my thought is, why do teenagers feel the need to get high? I’ve never been high myself, so I really don’t understand the hype about it. Also, I know most teenagers can’t afford to be buying drugs which I understand can get expensive. I’ve heard of teenagers sniffing paint, Sharpie markers, White Out, and I’m sure many other things that haven’t come to my attention. I believe I can understand the Sharpies and White Out– I actually think those two things smell good, but the most I do is enjoy the smell while I’m legitimately using the product and then it goes away. I don’t sit there for minutes on end with one of these products close to my nose, destroying brain cells. I don’t even know what kind of reaction sniffing these things is supposed to produce. I personally can’t stand the headache and the small dizzy effect the paint fumes is having on me, and I suppose that makes me different than most young adults.

It just astounds me how many things people will use to get themselves high. I would think that you can smoke just about anything, and sniff anything that has strong fumes. I just really don’t see the need for it. I’m going to be 22, which is around the age that most people are really into drugs. But I guess my parents raised me not to care about what everyone else is doing– if I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it unless it’s for a legitimate reason. To each his own, I suppose. I’d rather read a book to escape, rather than changing brain chemistry.


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