First 10 Days of RV living

Let me begin by saying, I’m so happy I don’t have kids! Of all the things I’ve been taking care of, it would have been a million times harder with a kid running around, getting in the way.

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, here goes.

We bought the RV from my man’s mom and stepdad, so it’s obviously used and has been sitting out in the Nevada elements for a good long while, so that will take quite a toll on any vehicle. But, it took us three days to drive from Texas to Oregon, and three long days at that, considering the moving truck only being able to come over mountain passes at 35mph.

We filled a 26 foot Penske moving truck (Penske really took care of us for the costs of the truck and car carrier!) with our stuff, and we had some stuff in the back of my man’s personal truck. When we got to Nevada at the end of the second day to pick up the camper, we unloaded most of the bulky things we had in his mom’s garage so we wouldn’t have to get a big storage unit, which will save us money.

So, we got here and we had already had an RV park accept our application so we knew where to set up. We got checked in, and we immediately had to go get a small storage unit for the rest of our things so we could return the moving truck to Penske. I had an interview that day, so I wasn’t here to help load the storage unit or start setting up the camper, but my man graciously did that. So I came back and started to unload the boxes of things we were going to keep in the camper, and my man started hooking up our resources. Lo and behold, most of the water fixtures leaked and the electricity wasn’t cooperating. So we had to go out and buy some parts (which are expensive!) and we got it functional for the night.

The next two days were also filled with repairs and part replacements and an interview for BF, which led to him getting a job! While he worked on the repairs, I worked on organizing our things and trying to find places for everything. The camper we have has a full size bed, which fits our queen sized mattress but it overhangs at the bottom. There are two bunk beds across the length of the camper, which we are using for storage thanks to not having kids. The bottom bunk holds our deep freezer and my nightstand and our vacuum, and the top bunk holds towels and small miscellaneous items we couldn’t find a place for. There is a floor-to-ceiling pantry which we loaded with food and we put our plates, bowls, and coffee mugs in the cabinet over the sink. We bought a set of utensils and put them in the drawers under the sink, along with some packaged spices. (Note: we have a whole box of spices that are sitting on the floor near the couch because we haven’t found a spice rack at the store yet.) Our rifles and pistols are under one of the bench seats by the table, and our pots and pans are under the other bench seat. We’re obviously keeping the couch area free since there is no storage under it, and we bought a coffee table to sit in front of the couch. Our drinking glasses are on the counter between the stove and the exterior wall, along with the knife set and coffee maker. Cookbooks and some cleaning stuff is under the sink. Clothes are…. just about everywhere actually. There’s a closet, drawers under it, a smaller floor closet near the door, and two closets and nightstand space near the head of the bed, all of which we have stuffed with clothes. You never really think about how many clothes and shoes you have until you need to find space for them in an RV.

Long story short, we got a place for almost everything we have with the additional room in the storage unit and a tough box under the camper.

We’ve been having issues making the camper level, and with all the water fixtures over the last ten days. I have no idea how to fix them, so I’ve been letting BF do that, which he has done without complaint. Even when we have to go out and spend MORE money on parts, even when I’m concerned about the RV not holding enough weight, he hasn’t complained. He just finishes the job. He’s been so patient with everything, and I greatly appreciate him for that.

The cable is free here at this park, although it’s analog channels so we don’t get up to date times on everything and we have a very limited selection. Wifi is also free but the area we’re in is in kind of a dark spot so we’ve been using BF’s mobile data for netflix. I’ve been using the shower at the office provided by the park so I don’t run out of hot water, but the shower in the rv will work just fine for short rinse-offs.

So far, that’s been about it. Lots of small issues that we’ve taken care of, except for me getting a job.


I’m officially an adult.

I now know what it’s like to know that you don’t have any money until like six weeks from now. My bills will be paid, but food…. that’s gonna be hard to come by. I’m going to be scrounging in the fridge for something my mom made so I don’t have to use my credit card to buy food at lunch and then for the gas it would take to drive to wherever.

and yes, I know I’m a female and I could ask my guy friends to take care of me and help me out with a meal. Especially the ones who have crushes on me. But you know what, I’m not gonna do that. I don’t think I should play the “damsel in distress” card. Because I’m better than that. I got myself into this mess and even if it means starving for a little bit, I’m going to get myself out of it. I can ask one of those friends to repay a $10 debt that he owes me and make those ten dollars last a week and a half if I get ramen noodles from the dollar store ($1 for a three pack!).

But, that makes it really hard to save money. But I’ve worked that into my budget. So if I keep going to the dollar store for food from here on out and keep myself from unnecessary spending, I can save more than I have been or put more money into paying off my loans faster.

I’m actually considering getting a second job. The job I have right now is 8-5, a little over minimum wage, about 42 hours per week. But if I was making more money, I could put even more money into savings and into my bills and be even better off, right? There’s a job I’m considering that would be about 4-9am, which would have me getting up at 2:30am or so and working until 5pm like normal…. I’m not sure I could do that; I like my sleep. But, the AM job would be $12 per hour, at least 20 hours per week. That would almost double my income. Almost. It would be a stretch and a sacrifice to work 13 hours per day, depending on my days off with the AM job. But I like sleep… and I have an application in with a career job that I may or may not make it into.


So many things to think about and things to make sure and double sure I take care of. I believe that qualifies me as an adult, don’t you?  

Credit Ratings

So I understand the need for good credit. I do. I understand that people need to be able to trust you when you tell them you’re going to pay X amount every month for whatever it is you want to buy. I wouldn’t want to just trust anyone right off the bat either. But if I have a GREAT credit score but I only have two or three lines of credit open, such as a credit card, a gas card, and a student loan, why can’t I just be able to get what I want? I thought the credit rating was the most important thing? The credit card has been open for around two years, and I’ve been using it a lot lately and making my payments. But I went to a car dealership and they don’t like that I don’t have a lot of history. I guess I can understand that, it’s like when you first meet someone and you don’t know whether you want to trust them to come over to your house cuz then they’ll know where you live. But if my credit score is really good so far, give me a chance!

And you need good credit for almost everything now. Which means when they won’t give you a chance, you can’t do s***. Then you have to worry about finding a cosigner and most people don’t want to cosign for anyone because they dont’ want to mess up THEIR credit. It’s a stupid system, really. I mean it’s a good system, but the complete lack of trust sucks too. I wish there was something more I could do except keep waiting and making my payments and letting time go by while I keep up good habits. I’m so impatient!!