Respect Crisis

We as women are in a respect crisis. We want so badly to be loved and respected and fought for, but too many of us feel that the way to earn that is to give away our assets and show them with very little covering is the way to do that. THAT IS WRONG. The way to earn love and respect is to love and respect yourself first. The women who are so busy taking selfies but leaning over to show their cleavage or wearing ultrathin clothing or shorts that are half an inch from public indecency cannot possibly respect themselves, and if they do, they have fallen victim to a male-oriented view of the world. WE NEED TO TEACH PEOPLE TO LOOK AT WHO WE ARE, rather than the parts of our bodies that should, conceivably, be shown to one person besides ourselves. There IS a difference between dressing to be beautiful and feminine, and dressing to catch attention.

I went through a time in my life where I thought any attention was good attention and every single day I felt empty and wanting– craving– something better. And upon talking to friends who respected me and wanted better for me, I realized that I was showing people that I didn’t deserve respect. So I felt used and, quite frankly, disposable. I decided to do what I had to in order to show people that I was strong and capable and confident. I stopped feeding on negative attention that douchebags gave me, and started accepting the attention that MEN gave me, the friends who spoke to me about real world issues, not pigs who wanted to know what I was wearing. Once I started respecting myself, in walked a man who has become my best friend and who treats me like a queen, which inspires me to treat him like a king, and I have never been happier.

I hope this has touched some of you. And I sincerely hope some of you will share it and inspire others to share it. We need to start encouraging each other to train people to see us as beautiful not because of our assets, but because of who we are in our very souls.


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