I need more friends.

I’m way too into my relationship with my boyfriend, especially given our situation. There are things I think he deserves  things that I don’t necessarily want and denying him those things isn’t fair on my part. But I am so in love with him. Maybe I need to distance myself from this man so he can find someone who is everything he wants, not just most things. He is everything I want and a couple of things I don’t want, and that’s what we’ve been fighting about.

Maybe I just don’t give him enough time away from me to allow him to see if it is really me he wants?

Has anyone else been through this before? What did you do to go make new friends? My finances are severely limited while I save up to move, or I would go to a dance club in town and make a fool of myself.

There isn’t much in this town that I haven’t explored already, but I suppose people watching is always something new.


What’s a girl supposed to do when she feels like she’s more into her relationship than her man is?


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