Not fair.

The man I’m dating has a past. So do I, so does everyone. But my man has two wives in the past and the second one gave him two children. I hate children. But my man is everything I’ve ever wanted. The only man I’ve met that I can truly see myself marrying, and he’s already been there twice and has the ONE thing that I didn’t EVER want in a relationship.
Why does his second wife have to be a fucking drama queen bitch. Why did he have to fall in love with that little girl she was already carrying by some other man and have rose colored glasses that made him marry her. What was he thinking? Why could he not have pulled out when he got back from Iraq so they didn’t have that one thing that’s going to tie them together forever.

When I’m with him, it’s perfect. I’ve never been so in love. I’ve never gone all out like this for a man. But why the Fuck does he have to have THIS kind of past. Why did I let myself fall for a man with my one deal breaker? He’s perfect except for his past. Because his past will never fade. Mine will fade. My exes are gone and there are no feelings and I am not tied to them. He will always have to have contact with that cunt. Why couldn’t I just follow my number one rule and not get close to someone with kids.