Am I missing something?

I see things on tv and read the news and things like that. It seems like no matter what the situation is, people think something about children is sacred. And to me it is too, But not wholly like it is for everyone else. Sex crimes against children are unspeakable to me, just like to everyone else. There’s no question about that. But when a child is murdered or abducted doesn’t affect me any more than the murder or abduction of an adult. A child sick with cancer doesn’t affect me more than an adult sick with cancer. Someone who complains about being so tired from raising their child actually pisses me off, because they could have chosen not to have children and given themselves a lifelong relaxation time. Someone who is a parent doesn’t magically matter to me more than someone who hasn’t had a child.

So that actually makes me wonder…. am I missing something? Do I not have a piece of my soul responsible for a difference in empathy for children relates things versus non-children related things? Has a part of my brain not developed? And by this blog, I’m not exactly apologizing for it. I don’t think it’s going to change. But I am curious.


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