A Rant about having kids,

So, I’m totally anti-having-kids. I don’t want any part of it. It actually kind of upsets me when my potential boyfriend tells me he wants kids, because that means that if we got serious, I would have to fight with him about it.

So, I’m very vocal about my not wanting kids. Everyone I know knows that I don’t want kids. But it’s really strange– about half of them have taken it upon themselves to convince me to have kids later in life. Not now, of course, because I’m only 22, but sometime down the road.

And you know what? It just really pisses me off. What makes you think you can make decisions for me in my life? I have reasons why I don’t ever want children. Just because you had kids and you thought all those experiences were sprinkled with unicorn sprinkles that made them all amazing and made your life worth living or whatever shit you’re trying to tell me DOES NOT mean that I want to try those experiences.

I’m not feminine enough to want children, and especially not to carry a child. Most women go all googly-eyed when they see a baby and they want to hold it or kiss it or what have you. But with me, I think of all the squirming and the messiness and the spitting up all over your new shirt or the pooping in its diaper and spreading it everywhere and the crying and screaming and all that crap. And kids just don’t make sense to me.

The average human does not have a complete brain until about 20 years old. Parts of the brain haven’t developed until then. And yes, I know that I’m not that much older than that. But still. That means that I would have to teach someone every-fucking-thing or else they’re gonna get it from their ratty little friends at school and that’s even worse.

So, let’s just make all our lives easier and just let me be me and not want kids, k? I’m gonna run my life the way I wanna run it and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, if you try, I won’t really be all that upset to leave you out of my life altogether so I can be happy thinking about all the money I won’t have to spend.


🙂 rant over.


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