2 random thoughts

1- have you ever stopped to think about how we introduce ourselves or someone else? We say “this is _____”. This. Like we’re objects instead of people. It makes me think “THIS thing is called _____”. I don’t know. I was just thinking about it today and it seemed weird to me.


2- networking is awesome. In this world, it’s WHO you know that matters. When two owners of companies know each other, they tend to use each other’s companies for what they need. For example, the warehouse manager at my office knows some guy who owns a furniture company. When we need new furniture (like I do, since we made space for an office for me in September 2013 even though I’ve been full time here since May 2013) my manager orders it from the guy he knows. Do you know how much furniture I’ve gotten since we ordered that furniture in the last week of November 2013? A temporary desk and chair that they delivered two weeks ago. Don’t you think that when a friend of yours supports your business, you’d make extra efforts to fill their order above people you don’t really know all that well? Apparently this guy doesn’t, because it’s almost February and we don’t know where my furniture is. They lied to us three weeks ago when they said my furniture would be in that week. Straight up lied to our faces. I suppose he’s poking ass because he knows my manager is going to keep using this company for our furniture because they’re buddies. But that’s really not cool. I have to find spare computers to use because we can’t set up mine because I don’t have a real desk to put it on. Not cool.


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