Day 4 of the “Somethings” 30Day Writing Challenge

I know I’m supposed to start with Day 1, but I looked at the list and since I don’t have oodles of time right now to write the first three days, I think I’m going to do this out of order and write the day’s prompt with whatever hits me the hardest and seems the easiest to write that day. So! Here we go.


Day 4: something that is part of your routine that you enjoy

Sleep is obviously part of my everyday routine. I can’t function without sleep; if I don’t get enough sleep or if it’s the end of the day and my body is telling me it’s bedtime, nothing is good anymore except the idea of sleep. I LOVE cuddling, and when I’m sleepy, the only cuddling I want to do is cuddling while I sleep or to put me to sleep.

I think the reason why I chose this today is because right now, I’m not looking at things very optimistically. I’m trying to be positive and look at things in a positive light and enjoy the simple pleasures, but overall I’m not enjoying a whole lot. I don’t like where I live, and I’m working on saving up more money to be able to move, but that goal is still a long way off. I’m currently single, and I’m at a stage where if I don’t have a significant other, I’m not as happy. Finding The One is definitely part of my life goal, and I’m very impatient so the fact that I don’t have any idea of who he is is upsetting me. I still live with my parents, and they still treat me like a child a lot and that’s really upsetting to me. I know I’m not all that old (22 until July) but I feel like I should at least be treated like an adult even though I’m living with them. Although, I’m not paying them rent so I suppose it makes sense. I’m very thankful I have a job, but I feel very unimportant at my job because I don’t really have a position here. I fill in for the girls in administration when they go out on vacation or take a sick day, and other than that, I’m doing busy work like filing or shredding paperwork just to have me filling my time and earning my pay.

So, sleep is the one thing I truly look forward to in my routine at the moment. I love to get into a cold bed and feel it warm up around me and cuddle under my blankets and hold my stuffed wolf close to my chest. I love putting my face on that pillow and taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. I love the idea of going unconscious for a few hours, so I don’t have to deal with someone telling me I’m not doing my busy work right or telling me to put down my phone (when you’re doing busy work, your texting is the only thing keeping your brain from becoming mush) or hearing everyone call you by the name of whoever you’re filling in for (they’re joking, I know, but that really doesn’t feel very good). I’m not a people person, and until I get an office of my own (they ordered my furniture in late November and it still hasn’t arrived) I have to float around to any vacant office and I don’t really get a whole lot of time to myself. Sleep is that time where it’s just me and God and whatever my brain decides to draw that night. Sometimes they’re nightmares, but at least they’ll end eventually. And it’s always different when you’re dreaming. Have you ever had the same dream twice? I haven’t. and that’s what makes sleep awesome. You never know what you’re gonna get (quite like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates). Sleep is my retreat from my life that I want to change so many things to meet the goals I’ve made for myself but don’t have the resources for yet.


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