Image Rant


So today’s society is really screwing up everyone’s body image. I’m a huge victim to that and I know I’m not even close to being alone in that regard. Women are “supposed” to be 36″-24″36″, as in, HUGE boobs, TINY waist, and HUGE hips. And we all know that tiny waist means tiny everything else except boobs and hips/butt. Now, my butt is actually pretty nice if I do say so myself… I was blessed in that regard. But big boobs and tiny waist, I have not. but the thing that pisses me off is, men really don’t have that much pressure. I think women are more lenient when it comes to how men are. Yes, true, we do love to see those big biceps and whatnot, but you know what, that’s not super hard to get at the gym. If we want bigger boobs in order to please the… shall we say… average man, we have to have surgical procedures to get it. We can’t go to the gym and make our boobs bigger. We can work on the tiny waist, for sure, but it’s a physical fact that it’s harder for women to lose body fat than it is for men. It just is. And all over television and especially VIDEO GAMES (that we all know men are addicted to… or should I say “boys” because real men don’t sit on their asses for hours on end when their girlfriend/wife/significant other is asking to spend time with them) are FULL of women with boobs as big as basketballs in proportion to waists that probably have a few less ribs and a few less organs to accomodate that tiny figure… Honestly, it’s despicable. It really is. Shows like Game Of Thrones and Spartacus (which, by the way, I love, so don’t bash me for judging those shows to the point of not watching them) feature lots of beautiful women who have exceptionally beautiful bodies and perfect assets throughout the shows. It’s like we’re all being brainwashed into thinking that if we’re not a perfect hourglass or have perfectly perky breasts and cute, tiny nipples, we’re not attractive.


You know what? I KNOW I’m attractive. I don’t have the biggest breasts ever (but thanks to media influence, I’ve actually considered getting a procedure done to address the “problem”) and I do have a few extra inches around the middle, but I’m beautiful, dammit. And the other girls like me out there who aren’t like GoT women or Spartacus women are beautiful as well. In fact, we’re more beautiful than they are. Because we’re REAL women. And to you guys reading this: recognize this, and tell your friends, as well. Stop being pigs. We could easily say that we’re not happy unless you have bigger sex organs, too, but you know what? We don’t do that, do we? You never hear about a guy wanting a penis implant because his woman wanted it bigger. Going to the gym is a request sometimes, but it’s not nearly as often requested or mentioned as men mentioning how excited they are when they see a woman who is well-endowed.


We’re not sex objects. We have more use than just turning you on. Actually, we do most of the things you need, for the most part, like things around the house. Yes, society is changing so men are doing more of the chores around the house, but the ratio is still grossly out of proportion. So guys, go tell your woman (or partner, whichever is your preference) that they are attractive without being that almighty hourglass figure or else work on yourself to become the gladiator figure of Spartacus. Don’t be a hypocrite. Ladies, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Embrace yourself, and screw those girls who are missing out on the food we enjoy. Screw the hourglass, it’s only good for filtering sand and passing time idly.


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