Dying Breed Rant

I feel like such a dying breed in today’s society. I’m 22 WITHOUT children and not married/divorced, I have my own job and have an application in for a city position, and I’m going to be paying on a new car and a student loan soon. I was raised to say “yes sir/ma’am,” I have excellent grammar and spelling skills, I have respect for people who deserve it, and I hold doors for people and tell them thank you when (rarely) someone holds a door for me. I donate to charity even when I have to be careful because my credit card is reaching its limit, and I have never missed a payment on my credit cards. In fact, I’ve never had to pay interest on my credit cards yet because I pay the full balance every month. I err on the side of caution when making decisions, just so I know I don’t get myself in trouble. I’m respectful to police, even if I get pulled over, because both times I was speeding and I knew it. I want to get my life set out in a general plan before I go making any big decisions. I don’t plan on going on welfare ever in my life, even if I have to get two jobs to make ends meet, God forbid the circumstance. I do my best not to stereotype and I try to be open minded to others’ circumstances, although I will admit I fail in this area sometimes.

I don’t think there are very many people my age can say those things anymore… and that saddens me.


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