Daily Prompt: Moved To Tears– Raven Style

Okay, Okay, I know this prompt is a few days old, but I wanted to do this.

So once I was hanging out with my family in Addison, Texas when we were visiting my brother over spring break. We were all (four of us) piled on the small couch he had in his one bedroom apartment and we wanted to watch a movie. Someone was flipping through the channels while we waited for… I’m not sure but SOMEONE to get out of the bathroom. Then the channel-surfer came across one of those tele-concerts or whatever you call them where they play parts of a show or a concert and ask you to pay hundreds of dollars for one CD or — gasp! — a three CD set because it helps this organization or another.

We, being a family of musicians, settled on the channel and watched as Celtic Woman stood on stage at a huge Scottish castle (I believe it was Scottish) singing a bunch of songs and it was so beautiful.

Those women are incredibly talented and I’m usually not one to cry, especially when I’m filled with positive emotions, but tears filled my eyes and two escaped each eye to roll down my cheeks. I tried to hide it, of course, but I think I wasn’t the only one tearing up. I honestly couldn’t help it. Of course, I may have been getting close to my female time and that’s what set off the high probability of tears, but still. I did cry when I heard those clear, beautiful voices harmonizing and seeing the violinist dance as she played.


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