Daily Prompt: (YAWN) Raven-style

What bores me.

  1. Surprisingly: action movies bore me for the most part. I feel like most of the time it’s just about how much CGI we can put in when we “blow up” a city or who can have the most masculine heroes / biggest boobs and tiniest waists on heroines and how much we can make explosions out of. YAWN.
  2. Chick flicks bore me for the most part. Boy meets girl, one of them screws up and loses the other, they meet up again sometime in the future, they fall in love again and realize that love can overcome mistakes. YAWN.
  3. As bad as it sounds…… sometimes church bores me. I feel like you don’t really have to go and listen to someone telling you a real-life example of one of the ways to live that comes from the Bible to know God. He’s always there, you can talk to Him whenever. Yes, some church analogies are really inspiring or they  hit home really nicely, but for the most part: YAWN.
  4. Drama bores me. If you really don’t like someone or something someone is doing, just go find someone else to talk to. I admit, sometimes I do just want to fight it out, and that’s different because I’m involved. But when two+ other people are arguing or trying to get me to pick a side, I just want to go and do something that interests me. Until there’s a physical girlfight. Those are AWESOME to watch.
  5. It actually bores me to see all the celebrity news. They’re normal people, too, just trying to live their lives. If they’re doing something stupid, leave them alone and they might stop it. I’m sure most of the stupid things celebrities do is just because they’re starved for attention and if you quit giving them attention, they’ll become functioning members of society again.


So that’s a little snippet of Raven’s List of Things that Bore Me. AKA, that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.    🙂

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