Know what?

I f’n hate — no…. HATE — internet explorer. I have to use it at work and I asked my boss if I can use Firefox instead (i’m hooked on using Firefox, I must admit) but apparently the IT guys wouldn’t like it cuz they spend time trying to make shit work blah blah blah blah blah. So I’m here at work not really doing much cuz no salesmen are having problems right now (which is AWESOME) so I get to blog right now. And right now I’m blogging about how I HATE internet explorer cuz it’s sooooooo f’n slow!!! Most of the time even this blog page doesn’t work, and I can’t get my Google Drive documents to copy/paste to my blog so you guys can read my work and sometimes even my work email doesn’t work because this computer is running… i don’t know, some old version of Windows like XP or whatever so it really sucks. And I can’t do shit about it except rant to you guys and that’s what I’m doing and that means crazy run-on sentences for you guys to read cuz this is exactly how the thought is in my head so that’s how I type it.


Oh and btw I just saw UTEP’s production of The Pillowman (the author of which slips my mind at the moment) and it was AWESOME. Super dark and gory and awesome. You guys should find the script and read it. Or find the video of someone acting it. Whichever. But I LOVED it.

Yep so that’s how my hour is going. How is yours?


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