So today’s my birthday and you probably don’t really care, but I’m super excited about it! It’s not a milestone year– I’m 22 now — but it’s raining on my birthday!!

I know you’re probably thinking “How can you be excited about that??” but I live in far west Texas and we hardly EVER get rain and we’ve been in a super-draught or something so I’m super excited that it’s raining on my birthday!!! It’s like God wanted to wish me a happy one, so He put rain clouds in the sky and I hope it rains all day!!

Granted, I did choose to straighten my hair last night when I was under the impression that it wasn’t going to rain and I have the kind of hair that gets super frizzy under the influence of humidity…. but I don’t care, my straightener is amazing and I think I’ll be fine because it’s raining!!! =D


Birthday rant over. 🙂


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