Pet Peeves

So this is the main reason I created this blog: to rant. So if you don’t want to read a bunch of bitching about what pisses me off, you should probably go read another one of my blogs or a Humorous blog…


I hate when people have to comment on everything or make a play-by-play of everything that’s going on. If it’s visible, don’t tell me it’s happening. I’m not blind; I’m actually pretty observant most of the time. Dont’ be Captain Obvious.

Call me a tree-hugger, but I hate when people print everything they see and then end up throwing it away because they don’t need it. The lady I’m training under at work does that– she prints most of the emails we get (we share an email account for the time being) and then someone else in the office takes care of the issue, so she printed the email for nothing. Side note: it also kinda irks me when people leave lights on for no reason, too. If you leave a room and no one else is in it and you’re not coming right back to it, turn the light off! First of all, it saves money, Second of all, it saves electricity and since our country is more focused on making new versions of the iPhone that aren’t that different than the previous one, we’re not completely up to date with how we create energy (and clean water for that matter).

Oh, it also pisses me off when people say that we’re running out of clean water. Sure, okay, maybe we are running out of clean water. But we’re not going to die. Hello, the world is 75% water and scientists are bitching that we’re all going to drown because the icebergs are melting and all that. If we would quit spending money on new technology that isn’t much of an improvement on the technology we currently have, maybe we could put it to good use and make desalination plants. Just sayin’.

It also pisses me off how our government gives money away to other countries who basically hate us anyway when there are people in our own country who need help. And no, I’m not talking about the people on welfare. IMO, most people on welfare are more than capable of working and they should. Yes, there are some people who legitimately need welfare, and yes, the government should help them. But I’m talking about the military. Screw other countries, let them figure things out for themselves because they hate us anyway and we’re probably not going to get anything back from them. We need to focus on what’s going on in our country and how poorly our military (who put their lives on the line to keep us safe) is being treated.

Work related: I hate when people send an email to someone and put several people in the CC line. If it doesn’t pertain to them and they can’t do anything to help you or it isn’t their job to help you do whatever your reason for sending the email is, don’t copy them on the email! It’s useless. If they need to know what’s going on, then by all means tell them. But when you just want to let people know what you’re doing or “keeping them in the loop,” don’t. It’s a waste of energy for me to read emails that don’t have anything to do with me.

I hate when people bitch about what happens as a result of something they chose to do. Okay, yes, people make bad choices. But tied into my pregnancy rant (previous blog), stop bitching when it was your choice to get pregnant. You wanted it. It was your choice to create another human and you know what you were getting into since it’s not your first child. So stop it. I no longer feel bad for you, I just want to tell you to STFU and deal with it. You made the bed, now you can lie in it. (Isn’t that the phrase?)

Children in general piss me off. I live in far west Texas. People let their kids do just about whatever the f*** they want here. Which means kids are loud, obnoxious, and they run around everything like everywhere they go is a playground and the parents think it’s cute. It’s not cute, it’s annoying as f***. This is another reason I don’t want to have children ever. If I were to have children, that would mean my children would have to have friends. And with the way people raise their kids, they would probably be a bad influence on my children and then I would yell at mine and they would think I was a bad mother and probably need therapy and that’s just a big mess. But you know what amuses me about when kids run around all willy-nilly? They’re bound to fall or hit their face on something. And that’s just f’n hilarious. HILARIOUS. I used to work at OshKosh B’Gosh (yeah, I know, crazy since I despise children but I needed income and they hired me so i was going to put up with it) and once, it was just me and my manager in the store and one family. The parents were talking to my manager and I was walking around the store tidying up (because people around here mess shit up like there’s no tomorrow and don’t give a shit who has to clean it up) and the kid was running around all the fixtures. And being loud. So I bit my tongue and just kept doing what I was doing. And then I heard this loud CLANG, then a bit of a thud, then a beat of silence. And then the kid started crying its head off. I really couldn’t hold back my laughter. I couldn’t see the kid from where I was, but I can just imagine its face when it realized that it had hit a fixture and fallen, taken the time to realize that “ow ow ow that hurts” and then start crying. I just about split my side laughing. And you know what the parents did? Nothing. They looked at the kid and then went back to their conversation with my manager. Which was also hilarious, but not in the good way. If you had the audacity to create a child, have the audacity to be a good parent and at least make sure your kid isnt’ bleeding all over the store’s floor for someone else to clean up.

I hate slow drivers. Around here there are a lot of them, and I guess that it’s because they’re illegal aliens and they don’t want to get pulled over so they make SURE that they’re not doing anything that would get them pulled over. Or they don’t have insurance, or their driver’s license is expired or suspended or whatever. So they drive like 5 or ten miles per hour under the speed limit. And no one around here knows that the far left lane is for faster traffic, so there are cars in every lane on I-10 and no one’s going faster than anyone else enough to let other people by. Or if they’re not driving 5-10 miles per hour under the speed limit, they’re driving 20-25 miles OVER  the limit and expecting everyone to see them and move. I’m sorry but when you’re going that fast, you’re pretty invisible until it’s too late for me to get out of the way, then you have to slam on your brakes, then I have to speed up to get in front of the car on my right faster than I was already going (and I usually speed by 5 miles or so anyway) because the guy on my left is going way too slow and it’s just a big mess. Yeah. That’s what I have to deal with every single day of my life that I have to drive somewhere.

So yep. That’s the short list. There are tons of other things that piss me off, but luckily for you, they’re not coming to mind right now because I’m finally alone in my office so I’m pretty calm. So there ya go. I hope you at least chuckled, or agree with me, or whatever. And if not, I ranted and I feel a little better, until something else happens.


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