“Dream On”

He could still smell her scent on his skin. Could still taste her on his tongue. Could still feel her superbly soft skin under his fingers and up against his own body. He stepped out onto the balcony, staying in the shadows so he could watch her walk to her car without her knowing. She even looked at him over her shoulder, but he know she couldn’t see him. She had that puppy dog look in her eyes, like she knew he had used her for a one night stand.

He saw her car’s lights flash as she unlocked it and heard the door shut and the engine turn over. He watched her drive away, and when those taillights disappeared, he walked back into the apartment, not even showering before he got into bed. He wanted her still on his skin when he woke up, even though he didn’t really care about her. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought about all the girls he had hooked up with. Several, but not so many that he couldn’t remember each and every one of them. Tonight’s girl, Penelope, was by far the most attractive. She had a couple of extra pounds on her, but it worked for her– she had the perfect ass and her sex was one of the most perfect he had ever seen. Just thinking about her body’s perfection made the blood start to pool between his legs again. Before he could do anything about it, though, he fell out of consciousness and into sleep. He began to dream, and his subconscious pulled up the first girl he hooked up with. He was inside her again, holding her tight to him until he got close to finishing. He pulled out, pushing her to her knees. She caressed his balls at first as he pushed in and pulled out of her mouth, but then she started squeezing. She produced a knife before he could react, holding that sensitive sac taut and slicing away, laughing as his blood spattered on her chest. He screamed, and before he could do anything, the second girl he hooked up with appeared. He was whole again, and he cupped himself as if to convince himself that he was okay. The second girl was laying on his bed on her back, caressing herself for him. He forgot about the horror he had just gone though and approached the girl, laying next to her and pulling her on top of him. She paused and turned to face his feet, 69ing him. Before he even started to enjoy himself, he heard a hiss and shifted to look at the girl’s face, his eyes growing wide at seeing her teeth poised over his manhood. Before he could move, she tore his flesh with those teeth, until he passed out. One by one, he saw his hookups take their revenge on him for being used. Each time, he was paralyzed when they mangled him, feeling every bit of pain but helpless to stop it.

Finally, Penelope appeared. He was allowed to enjoy her longer than the others, and he thought maybe this would end happily for him. Maybe this was a sign that he needed to stay with her. But he didn’t want to be tied down. Just as he thought that, he felt her twitch on him, reaching her climax. Her eyes were closed tight, teeth bearing down on her bottom lip as she rode the pleasure out. when she finished and pulled back so he slipped out of her, he started to ask about his own climax. Still straddling his hips, she stared at him and her eyes went completely black, like there were no longer eyeballs but portals to an abyss. Utterly devoid of light, those black orbs stared at him, holding his attention. While he stared back at her, the background of his bedroom faded away to black space, and they were the only beings in existence. Slowly, figures appeared, back lit and in contrast with the black environment. He wanted to know who the figures were, but Penelope held his attention. Suddenly, it dawned on him– the figures were the other girls liked up side by side behind Penelope so they could all see him. He could finally look at them, and their eyes matched Penelope’s. He was frozen, scared out of his mind and cold as his blood recycled back into his body, leaving his extremities freezing cold. He went back to looking at Penelope and he knew he could not shift his attention if he tried. As they stared at each other, the other girls broke into growling and hissing like demons. Penelope’s face started to decay, her skin graying and slipping from her skull, vanishing as if it had never been. her body remained intact, beautiful and glowing, but her face decayed, her muscles vanishing as they rotted. Soon, she was left with just a skull on her shoulders, some of the vertebrae in her neck exposed before it disappeared behind the flesh of her body.

The girls’ hissing and growling got louder and louder and his skin flushed, his body growing warm with shame and self-resentment. Penelope formed words without lips over her teeth, smoke rising from her breath, “We deserve better than you.”

He took a breath as if to scream but Penelope summoned hellfire from her mouth, torching his body. He couldnt’ make a sound as his flesh caught fire, burning as he breathed. As he took his last breath, all he knew was the girls’ demonic growling and Penelope’s deep, distorted laugh.

He jerked awake, covered in a cold fear sweat, his breath sawing in and out of his lungs. He was done hooking up– the women he knew deserved something deeper than that.


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