Credit Ratings

So I understand the need for good credit. I do. I understand that people need to be able to trust you when you tell them you’re going to pay X amount every month for whatever it is you want to buy. I wouldn’t want to just trust anyone right off the bat either. But if I have a GREAT credit score but I only have two or three lines of credit open, such as a credit card, a gas card, and a student loan, why can’t I just be able to get what I want? I thought the credit rating was the most important thing? The credit card has been open for around two years, and I’ve been using it a lot lately and making my payments. But I went to a car dealership and they don’t like that I don’t have a lot of history. I guess I can understand that, it’s like when you first meet someone and you don’t know whether you want to trust them to come over to your house cuz then they’ll know where you live. But if my credit score is really good so far, give me a chance!

And you need good credit for almost everything now. Which means when they won’t give you a chance, you can’t do s***. Then you have to worry about finding a cosigner and most people don’t want to cosign for anyone because they dont’ want to mess up THEIR credit. It’s a stupid system, really. I mean it’s a good system, but the complete lack of trust sucks too. I wish there was something more I could do except keep waiting and making my payments and letting time go by while I keep up good habits. I’m so impatient!!


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